Range Rover Runs Over Hollywood Stuntz Bikers On Motorcycles

mvw1970g October 1, 2013 0
Range Rover Runs Over Hollywood Stuntz Bikers On Motorcycles

A month ago I wrote about how I was cut off and some crazy jumped out of his SUV and tried to attack me with his racing car club buddies in tow (Read here. It’s a crazy tale of a moment in my life). They were racing on the highway and I guess I got in the way. Well seems to be this type of craziness is going on all over. A few days ago there was a similar incident that didn’t go so well for a small bodied young Asian man and his sexy wife and small daughter in tow. Everything that happened was totally not the fault of the driver of the SUV and all the video footage, (yes video footage. The idiot bikers posted it), will prove it. Six minutes and 27 seconds of hell that must have seemed like a lifetime of hell for Alexian Lien and his wife and daughter. And there is more that we did not see on the video. This ain’t Sons of Anarchy assh*les.

I told you in my story  that I was protecting my family, so i can only imagine how this guy felt. I’m a huge intimidating orangutang monster. This guy is as frail as a blade of grass. Apparently he is like most Asians and doesn’t know how to drive, and to top it all of he had a 2 year old daughter in the Range Rover. Apparently the motorcycle gang was predominantly African Americans and they feel that the world owes them everything and they control the roads and should scare everyone into submission. Apparently this sense of entitlement has led them into the delusional thinking that they seem to always showcase in their actions. WTF! This is the age of cameras and Youtube. Are you seriously thinking that you wouldn’t get caught? Here is the ironic part. One of their own posted the video to YouTube. Where dey do dat at? Post your crime to the internet? Yeah a few idiots have been doing this lately. I ain’t about dat life. You can see how intelligent these guys are. As I sit here writing, breaking news just came in on the TV. The motorcyclist who set off all the commotion has been arrested. I guess the footage helped the police.Good! Now throw the book at him. Won’t be long before he starts to rat; it runs in the club family.

Alexian Lien is lucky to be alive. Although he did the right thing, he could have lost a lot more than he did. These guys look like the type that would have taken his wife on the thrill ride of her life stuffing her mouth with yogurt filled black blood sausage with a side of heavy cream on the face and jaw. Read that again. I also believe they are so stupid they would have beat his young daughter across the mouth and she would grow up with the fantasy that she needed a Black sugar Pimp daddy to beat her silly, have her bring him her earnings after an all night pole fest at the local strip club, and force her to wear Depends after all the sodomy she would have experienced after a gapping hole the size of a softball is left where her anal cavity used to exist. Vivid? Yes! But I have to remind myself of the sh*T that could have happened to me if I weren’t blessed with this physique. I won’t take chances anymore. Alexian was left with 2 black eyes and broken ribs. He is lucky to be alive. Those monsters were determined to kill him. There is nothing like mob mentality . All they had to do was call the police and let them sort it out, but no, not these cretins. They stopped short in front of Alexian and he tapped one of them. Then they attacked his car and didn’t expect him to run? Crazy. I would be dead. I would have ran them over, backed up on them, cut them off, and did anything to make sure there were as many dead as possible because there was no way that I would think that they were letting me live. Lucky Alexian Lien.

I hope that these guys do a minimum of 3 years with no parole, a tad bit of sodomy, and a side of prison shankings to go with the smidgen of hepatitis so they get to think about the craziness they caused. That little girl is scared for life. That wife, Rosalyn, no longer feels safe with her feeble husband. That man might want a sex change cause he just realized his testicles were taken from him. A family destroyed. I hope they remain strong but it’s highly unlikely, especially after reading articles like this. All they had to do was let the law sort it out. This guy is probaly worth a few cool million dollars and these bums are going to try and take a bit of it. Not gonna happen. Punto!!!

Update: Christopher Cruz, 28, one of the bikers has been charged with reckless endangerment. GREAT!!!!!

Update: Jeremiah Mieses, the biker who was ran over, is paralyzed and will not be charged. F#$KING RAT!!! He better rat. I told you that someone would, and he is first up to bat.

Update: Alexian Lien, the driver of the SUV will not be charged.

Update: 8 Things I just found out about Alexian Lien: 1. He has deleted all his social media accounts so that there will be no retaliation from anyone., 2. He was born in 1980., 3. He is a graduate of Columbia University, graduating with a computer engineering degree., 4. His wife’s name is Rosalyn, 5. and they were celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary., 6. Not only was he dragged out of the car and beaten, the bikers stabbed him multiple times., 7. He is a founder of the London based e-commerce firm Skrill.com which is worth over $50 million., 8. He seems to be a humble man whom would like to put thus all behind him and his family and has declined all interviews.

Update: 5 of Alexian Lien’s attackers were police officers of the New York City police force. WTF!!!


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